Leger uses eye-tracking technology in new site

Leger Holidays has launched a new website featuring new “eye-tracking” technology. The coach specialist monitored the eye movements of consumers in focus group tests to show the hot spots where they looked most and the spots that were viewed least.The customer research has lead to more than 70 points of improvement over the previous site. Many of these features have been incorporated into the new site and constant updates are to be added to ensure the site remains current and is able to constantly evolve and be improved upon.

Michael Rhodes, e-Commerce Manager for Leger Holidays, said: “At Leger we pride ourselves in leading the way in providing a range of interactive online facilities that will benefit our trade users and end customers.”

“The new website has been redesigned from the ground up utilising not just some pretty eye-catching focus group research, but also the extensive data and feedback we have collated since we started our digital channel. The new site will make the Leger experience much easier for the consumers providing a fresh, clean look, along with more content and a more intuitive booking process.”