China Airlines boosts services for New Year

For the busy 2009 Chinese New Year period, China Airlines is to launch charter and extra flights to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Australia.The charters to Japan include flights to Tokyo, Sapporo, *censored*uoka, Nagoya, and Okinawa, with a total of 86 round-trip flights.

The charter flights to Korea include Daegu, Cheongju, and Gwangju, with a total of 32 round-trip flights, and passengers can also join the China Airlines Dynasty Package tours to Seoul.

A total of 44 round-trip extra flights to Hong Kong have also been arranged, and in addition to its Dynasty Package tours, China Airlines is cooperating with Star Cruises, so passengers can enjoy their Hong Kong holidays even more.

Tourists can also take a charter to a warm vacation spot this winter, as China Airlines is set to launch 12 round-trip charter flights to Palau, 33 round-trip flights to Southeast Asia, and four round-trip flights to Australia. In addition, the airline plans to cooperate with major travel agencies in Taiwan to promote six-day packages to Cairns, in northern Australia.