Final call for Speedferries

The final nail has been hit into the coffin of low-cost, cross-Channel ferry operator Speedferries, which fell into final administration yesterday. All services have been stopped with immediate effect with scores of passengers left out of pocket.

The company, which operated between Dover and Boulogne, had been trying to resolve its problems since it called in the administrators last November but could not find a solution.LD Lines may step in to fill the void. The ferry operator is starting a Dover to Dieppe service next month, and says it may use the facilities used by Speedferries. LD Lines hopes to have two round trips a day by next month, and four a day by July.

International Passenger Protection Limited (IPP), a specialist in default and insolvency insurance, warned the public to ensure they have financial protection to cover not only airlines but other parts of the holiday and other transportation methods such as ferries, especially when not purchasing an all inclusive bonded package.

Paul Mclean, Director of IPP, said: “The public should firstly establish whether their holiday is a package or not, as generally package holidays should offer some form of consumer protection.”

“As more and more people continue to make their own holiday arrangements and book component parts of their holiday direct with the airlines, hotels, car ferries etc there is usually no cover in place for insolvency of these parts of the holiday. Therefore travellers are urged to check for cover with their travel company or on their travel insurance policy,” he added.


“Consumer protection has always been unclear in this respect and many people take for granted that they are automatically covered. The fact is that if someone books a holiday independent of a package and a growing number of people are, they could face a lack of financial protection for the elements of their holiday financially collapsing such as the airline.”