Egypt, Turkey and Mexico for British tourism influx, reports FCO

A new report by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and ABTA, the Travel Association, reveals that Turkey, Egypt and Mexico will see a significant increase in British visitors in 2009 as bookings show that holidaymakers are favouring destinations that do not use the Euro.

The ‘FCO & ABTA 2009 Travel Trends Report’ shows the number of Brits going to Egypt has risen by 38% in the last year and visitors to Turkey up by 32%.ABTA and the FCO have collaborated for the first time to produce a report looking at predicted travel patterns over the next 12 months - and the impact that these trends will have on the welfare of British holidaymakers.

The report, which researched the travel industry and consumers, also reveals:

* Holiday hotspots for 2009 - Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Dubai, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, Cuba, Aruba, Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Poland, Croatia, Australia

* Finances - with many tour operators cutting their capacity next year, the one in five Brits who are planning on getting a last minute bargain this summer may be bitterly disappointed as such deals could be limited.


* Not having enough spending money on holiday is a real concern for 41% of people who plan to go abroad in 2009. The desire to know the total cost of a holiday in advance may also explain the increasing popularity of all-inclusive holidays which is set to continue.

* Tour operators going bust concerns 35% of the population who plan to go abroad in 2009 - prompting the FCO to encourage Brits to ensure that their tour operator is ATOL registered.

* 41% of respondents planning to go abroad in 2009 will reduce the number of holidays in the year ahead. There is evidence of a significant reduction in annual insurance policies being taken out in winter 2009 compared with the year before. The FCO warns that Brits should remember to take out single trip insurance if they decide not to renew their annual policy.

* 13% of Brits are more likely to visit the States now Barack Obama has been elected (rising to 21% in the 18-34 age group). With the historical significance of the election, lower fuel prices and the cost of living continuing to fall in the States, the strong dollar may not be enough to put British tourists off from visiting this country.

* The number of Brits travelling abroad to get married is continuing to increase due to cheaper costs of holding a wedding abroad. Long haul destinations such as Sri Lanka, the US and Kenya are becoming increasingly popular and new wedding hotspots include Costa Rica, The Cook Islands and Bali.

* The number of people going camping and caravanning has increased both in the UK and abroad and is expected to continue to rise in 2009.