Tourism chiefs seek plan for Thai recovery

A leading Bangkok hotelier Andrew Wood is calling for a recovery roadmap to aid the travel and tourism industry in Thailand. Mr Wood, GM of the Chaophya Park Hotel and President of Skal International in Bangkok, says that a coordinated plan of action is require to offset the colossal damage caused to the industry by the closure of Bangkok’s two major airports.“We need promotional packages, incentives, amazing airfares and fam trips. We must spread the word that Thailand remains a wonderfully diverse tourism destination” he said.
    Mr Wood emphasised the key message that, while many tourists suffered major inconvenience during the closure of Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports, no visitors were hurt. Mr Wood said that the roadmap should be spearheaded by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport—and even the Prime Minister.

Thailand Board of Airline Representatives chairman Brian Sinclair-Thompson is also pulling no punches in his call for immediate action. He told a travel industry gathering this week that the many thousands of travellers stranded in Thailand and overseas deserve an apology. He also called for a reduction in operating fees at Suvarnabhumi to ensure that Bangkok remains a viable international air transport hub.
    Mr Sinclair-Thompson stressed the importance of guaranteeing safety and security at the airports and called for legislation to make transport hubs ‘off limits’ to demonstrators.