Eurostar in talks to resolve union action

Eurostar has said it will endeavour to ensure the normal running of service in the run-up to Christmas, despite possible strike action by train drivers.Eurostar has already met with and continues to talk to the unions to resolve this dispute. It says its rosters and shift patterns were introduced as a result of the amended timetable since the fire incident in the Channel Tunnel in September and fully meet the conditions of contract for all Eurostar UK Train Managers.

Eurostar UK Train Managers represent a proportion of the total complement of Eurostar Train Managers.  Eurostar also uses Train Managers from French and Belgian national railways.

Eurostar’s Customer Services Director, Marc Noaro, commented:  “Following the Channel Tunnel incident and the introduction of the current amended timetable our passengers have experienced significant disruption and by far the majority have understood the situation. We are extremely disappointed that our UK Train Managers have decided on this course of action and at this time, and we will make every effort to ensure our travellers face no further disruption in the busy period up to Christmas and the New Year.”