Malaysia Airlines to launch inflight mobile service

Malaysia Airlines is set to become the first carrier in Asia to launch inflight mobile and data services.

The airline has installed and tested AeroMobile technology on a Boeing 777-200. This will allows passengers on Malaysia Airlines’ flights to safely use their own BlackBerry type devices and mobile phones to send/receive emails and text messages, and to make and receive voice calls.This will serve flights across its network covering selected European routes, Australia, and across the Asian region including China and Japan.

With the availability of this inflight facility, customers can now safely use their mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) during the ‘cruise’ phase of flight without affecting the aircraft systems and ground telecommunication networks. 

Bjorn-Taale Sandberg, Chief Executive Officer of AeroMobile, said: “AeroMobile welcomes Malaysia Airlines as the first Asian airline customer to allow its passengers the choice to stay in touch when they fly. Malaysia Airlines has been able to benefit directly from AeroMobile’s unrivalled experience in many areas, such as aircraft certification and service operation.

“AeroMobile’s solution for Malaysia Airlines reflects the advances that we have made since launching the AeroMobile service in April 2007, in particular our ability to offer fully approved installations on both the Boeing and Airbus wide body aircraft while supporting full GPRS data services as well as voice and text messaging services,” he added. 
Users will be billed on their regular phone bills by their own service providers as with any other international roaming call. AeroMobile is working with Malaysia’s mobile phone operators and their customers will be able to use the AeroMobile service if they travel on the equipped aircraft. The system will be available on a number of Malaysia Airlines’ regional and long haul routes including flights to Africa, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. 


The cabin crew of the national carrier are also being trained to guide and clarify to passengers on the need to be mindful of other passengers preferences at certain times, such as during night flights.