Ryanair expands Bologna network

Ryanair has announced seven new international and four new domestic routes for Bologna from March 2009.Ryanair’s 11 new routes will bring an additional 800,000 passengers to Bologna each year, with Ryanair on target to carry over 2m Ryanair passengers through Bologna to/from 25 destinations by 2012. 

Speaking in Bologna today, Ryanair’s Giovanna Gentile said:

“Italy is now Ryanair’s second largest market after the UK.  At a time when Alitalia and Air One are merging, increasing fares and raising unjustified fuel surcharges, the conditions for more Ryanair low fare growth in Italy have never been better.  Ryanair is already the No.1 international airline in Italy, carrying more international passengers to/from Italy than Alitalia.


“We are delighted to bring more routes, choice and passengers to Bologna. Ryanair’s growth in Italy is all the more important now that Alitalia and Air One are merging to form a higher fare, fuel surcharging, domestic monopoly.  Thanks to these new routes, many more Italian consumers and international passengers to Bologna have a real choice between Alitalia’s high fare, fuel surcharging flights or Ryanair’s lowest fare, no fuel surcharge flights.”