Amadeus launches UK ticket changer solution

Amadeus has announced the roll-out of its automated ticket change solution to UK travel professionals.Amadeus Ticket Changer allows travel agents and Travel Management Companies (TMCs) to fully automate the complex and time-consuming ticket change and re-issue processes.

By rapidly and accurately calculating the amount of any additional payment to be collected, Amadeus Ticket Changer will reduce the occurrence and costs associated with Agency Debit Memos due to incorrect manual fare calculations. It will also dramatically improve the productivity of frontline staff and improve customer service.


Globally, 39 airlines have signed up to the solution including British Airways, Air France, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines. By completely automating the time-consuming and complicated ticket change and reissue processes, Amadeus Ticket Changer can eliminate as much as 80% of the time currently required to change a ticket manually.



Amadeus Ticket Changer can be used to re-issue any type of ticket, domestic or international. It immediately calculates the price difference and relevant information in the currency required, enabling agents to instantly issue the new ticket in an efficient and secure manner. By processing fares, taxes and penalty fees in an end-to-end automated process travel professionals can ensure an accurate and streamlined process.


Una Bennett, Director of Marketing, Amadeus UK & Ireland, said: “In these economic times the travel industry is driven by the need to streamline processes and maximise productivity, whilst delivering excellent customer service. Amadeus Ticket Changer will help UK travel professionals do just that by dramatically improving the speed and accuracy with which agents can process itinerary changes that demand a ticket reissue. This will be especially helpful in the corporate travel arena where last minute changes are a part of daily life.”

Amadeus Ticket Changer is completely integrated with the fares and ticketing processes in Amadeus’ Altéa Customer Management Solution (CMS) for airlines and used throughout multiple distribution channels.

Anticipated roll-out to UK travel agents via the Amadeus Selling Platform is early 2009.