GOL gets green light for integrated network

GOL has received Anac (National Civil Aviation
Agency) approval to implement its new integrated route network.The new
timetable, currently available on the Company’s website, will be effective
beginning October 19, 2008.

  The new network compliments the Company’s unified structure by
eliminating overlapping routes and schedules between GOL and VARIG. The new
network will also improve flight occupancy levels by allowing the Company
to increase offerings in markets where it has consolidated operations while
also allowing for new connections between previously unlinked cities.

  “These network changes, implemented to optimize operations and increase
customer options, position GOL as the airline company with the most
extensive and convenient timetable in South America,” says Wilson Maciel
Ramos, GOL’s vice-president, planning and IT. “We now offer approximately
800 daily flights to 49 destinations in Brazil and ten important
international destinations in South America.”

  Under the new route network, GOL will operate the domestic flights and
short-haul flights to Asuncion (Paraguay), Buenos Aires, Cordoba and
Rosario (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Lima (Peru, via Santiago), Santa
Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and Santiago (via Buenos Aires). VARIG will
operate medium- haul international flights to Bogota (Colombia), Caracas
(Venezuela) and Santiago (Chile). This division was based on a profile of
international passengers traveling on flights longer than four hours, who
are predominantly business travelers and prefer more complete service.

  In Brazil’s domestic market, GOL has improved the time and frequency of
flights at Congonhas Airport (Sao Paulo), the Company’s main hub in the
country. For example, the Company will launch new direct flights to
Londrina, Maringa and Caxias do Sul. GOL will also offer more convenient
schedules to popular destinations for business traveler, including the Rio
de Janeiro (Santos Dumont) - Sao Paulo (Congonhas) air shuttle, with
departures every 30 minutes.


  At the regional level, the Company strengthened connections between
Fortaleza, Manaus, Recife and Salvador, major hubs in the Northern and
Northeast regions. To improve operations in regional markets, GOL will also
launch direct flights between Cuiaba and Porto Velho, Curitiba and Campo
Grande, Rio de Janeiro (Tom Jobim-Galeao) and Manaus, and Joao Pessoa and
Salvador. Direct flights from Belo Horizonte (Confins) to Recife, Goiania,
Curitiba and Uberlandia were also created. From the federal capital,
Brasilia, GOL will offer direct flights to Campo Grande and Vitoria. With
these new flights, customers in these regions will have easier access to
all destinations in the integrated route network.

  In the international market the Company has changed the departure times
of VARIG flights departing from Bogota (Colombia), Caracas (Venezuela) and
Santiago (Chile) to Sao Paulo. These changes will offer more direct
connections when a customer’s final destination is Rio de Janeiro. Similar
changes were also made to GOL service between Santa Cruz de la Sierra
(Bolivia) to Sao Paulo.