Qantas plunge injures 40

A Qantas Airbus A330-300 flying from Singapore to Perth has made an emergency landing in Western Australia after some 40 people were hurt following a “sudden change in altitude”.Qantas said that a number of passengers and crew sustained injuries, including fractures and lacerations, on board QF72.

The flight, operated by an A330-300 aircraft with 303 passengers and 10 crew, diverted to Learmonth in Western Australia and landed at approximately 1.45pm local time.

The flight had been due to land in Perth at 2.10pm.

Emergency services, including medical attendants, met the aircraft on landing.

Qantas said there were no details available at this stage as to what caused the altitude change.


The company is sending two aircraft to Learmonth from Perth to collect passengers and crew.

The Australian flag-carrier prides itself on having a good safety record, but a spate of incidents this year has tarnished its image.

This includes the incident in July, when a Qantas Boeing 747 flying from Hong Kong to Melbourne was forced to make an emergency landing after an oxygen cylinder caused an explosion which blew a large hole in the fuselage.