A&L launches SMS linked foreign currency card

Alliance & Leicester has launched a new foreign currency card that aims to it safer and easier to organise holiday money whilst abroad. The Indigo Travelcard is free and offers competitive exchange rates for conversion into Euros and US Dollars, making it a secure and cost-effective way to organise holiday money. Indigo Travelcards work in the same way as a Visa debit card, allowing travellers easy and rapid access to their funds via ATMs, and the ability to make payments worldwide wherever the Visa brand mark is shown.

The cards are not linked to a bank account and can be topped up with funds remotely through a dedicated website or via a SMS instruction. Users can request balance updates, block their card, and make card-to-card transfers - all via SMS alerts.  They can also register for Daily Balance and Time for Top-up SMS alerts, ensuring they never run out of funds.

James Le Brocq, Director of Prepaid Cards at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank, says: “Prepaid cards not only offer users all the benefits of a debit card but are an ideal solution for consumers who want to keep close control of their finances or who want an alternative form of payment to their usual bank account or credit card.

“The Indigo Travelcard can be of great benefit to anyone needing foreign currency, removing some of the barriers often associated with travellers cheques, lost or stolen currency or fraudulent use of credit cards when abroad.”