Job losses as Thomas Cook closes Glasgow call centre

Glasgow’s travel industry has been dealt a blow after one of its biggest employers, Thomas Cook, said is to close its call centre, resulting in the loss of some 158 jobs.
The tour operator is expected to combine operations with its Falkirk base, some 23 miles away, which it estimates will save approximately £1m per annum.The Granite House base of the UK’s second largest tour operator handles call centre and credit operations for Manos, Teletext, Panorama.

Some staff will have the option of relocating to Falkirk, as well as other Thomas Cook bases at Peterborough and Bradford.
Thomas Cook Holidays Division Executive Director Pete Constanti said: “We are absolutely committed to helping them make the best personal choice from options available to them and are very hopeful of achieving a high level of retention, should the proposals go ahead.”
“We are equally committed to the long-term success of the tour operator brands currently supported by the Glasgow-based sales teams. We continue to invest heavily in their development, marketing and positioning,” he added.