Jamaica Tourist Board unveils new website

The Jamaica Tourist Board has unveiled its new VisitJamaica.com website during a global webcast live from Kingston, Jamaica hosted by Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett and Director of Tourism Basil Smith.

Serving the needs of the tech savvy global traveller, the website aims to enhance each visitor’s Jamaican experience before they arrive and make trip planning and exploring completely interactive.
The website is a rebirth of Jamaica’s online brand presence and will offer a fresh look and feel focusing on the country’s diverse attractions, activities and accommodations that range from “Ritzy” to “Roadside.”

Director of Tourism Basil Smith said: “At the most basic level, the new VisitJamaica.com is an improved means to communicate with and educate travellers about the diversity and culture of Jamaica. It will be a medium to reach the travel industry and influencers around the world and to maintain Jamaica’s position as the premiere Caribbean tourism destination.”

Mark Amorelli, Draftfcb Senior Vice President, Group Management Director, added: “The new site will continue to bring ‘Once you go, you know’ to life and give customers a deeper understanding of Jamaica’s unique offerings. Our goal is to convert online lookers to bookers.”

Visitors will be able to explore what Jamaica offers through an engaging and immersive experience featuring the country’s people, culture, art, music, cuisine, history, attractions and diverse range of accommodations.  Greeted with an upbeat tempo version of One Love, visitors will be invited to use the “slider” function which will guide them through Jamaica’s “Ritzy” to “Roadside” offerings through a flash experience, moving images and videos.


The new VisitJamaica.com will boast other key features including improved functionality, updated content, quicker response time, GPS tracking of favourite spots and Google Maps.

During the webcast, Director of Tourism, Basil Smith, announced a new partnership with Travelocity.com which will serve as the online booking engine for consumers wishing to book vacation packages through the site.

To maintain momentum and to continually drive new audiences to connect with the website, consumer promotions will be launched with Travelocity and luggage company Eagle Creek as well as a promotion with Amazon.com and Universal Music promoting Jamaica’s gift of music.