La Source spices up spa team

LaSource on “The Spice Isle” of Grenada is spicing up its spa team with the addition of a new spa manager and assistant manager. Rose Dawson, promoted from assistant manager/trainer and Lorrainne Castellano, new to the resort, bring diverse backgrounds and a wealth of worldly experience to LaSource’s Oasis Spa.Rose Dawson leads the staff with more than twenty years experience in holistic health and therapeutic massage.  Rose originally came to Grenada to assist her sister in re-establishing the spa after Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and is looking forward to sharing her expertise with her team of professional therapists.  Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, Rose has travelled extensively, balancing a successful business career with a desire to help the local community.

As a qualified holistic and beauty therapist, Lorraine Castellano has worked with many different cosmetic houses and practices techniques and methods from around the world.  Lorainne’s career in the health and wellness industry has led her to many locales throughout the UK, from health clubs to five-star resorts to running her own business.  Five years ago, Lorainne began following her dream of living and working in the Caribbean, holding positions at spa resorts in St. Lucia and Tobago.

With just 100 guest rooms, LaSource offers a personalised first-class, luxury-inclusive holiday experience that imaginatively combines the best of an active beach holiday with a relaxed spa retreat, designed to provide complete body and mind rejuvenation. Note that the minimum age for guests at LaSource is 16 years.