Burj Dubai hits a record 688m

The Guiness Book of Records needs to be re-written again after the Burj Dubai, already the world’s tallest building, has reached a record 688m. The announcment from developer Emaar comes on top of news in April 2008 that it had became the tallest man-made structure ever, overtaking the North Dakota KVLY-TV mast.On a clear day, you can see 100 miles away into Iran. And the Burj Dubai has not stopped growing. It already boasts 160 floors and the developer, Emaar, is adding new ones at the rate of around one per week. Its eventual height remains a secret in order to confuse any rival constructors.
“Only a handful of senior designers know the final idea,” says project director Greg Sang, adding that Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum, is also in on the plot.
“But I can say that we will be going above 700m.”
Currently, some 7,500 professionals and skilled workers are employed on-site at Burj Dubai. Cladding work is nearing completion and work has started on the interiors, which will boast superior finishes. The best energy efficient technologies are being deployed to ensure that the iconic building is also a standard for energy usage and recycling of water.

When it is finished some time next year, Burj Dubai will accommodate up to 35,000 people in a mixture of hotels, offices and apartments.