Darvish launches SqueezeHolidays

A new booking site for cheap holidays has been launched by dot com specialist Maz Darvish and backed by travel trade veteran Laurence Woodhams has launched.

SqueezeHolidays.com, so-called because its mission is to squeeze consumers’ modest budgets to provide the best possible travel solutions, arrives at an opportune time.  As the reality of the credit crunch hits home consumers are determined not to miss out on their holidays and so are seeking competitive deals online.
Chairman of SqueezeHolidays.com, Darvish previously acquired and streamlined cheapholidaydeals.co.uk, engineered the rise of AffiliateFuture to the UK’s leading affiliate network for travel, and created Henoo.com.

Woodhams, one of the pioneers of online holidays, assumes the board position of Commercial Director. He led Farebase to be one of the first companies to bring flight and holiday information to the internet; founded CWT where he developed innovative web selling solutions for text and call centre operations such as Holidays by Phone and Airtours. He has also provided top level strategic counsel to Holiday Taxis, ResortHoppa and more.

SqueezeHolidays.com is a natural progression in the evolution of the online travel market, it takes the media and technology expertise ordinarily supplied as services to travel retailers direct to consumers.  Its arrival has been lauded by Paul Evans, CEO of Lowcosttravelgroup.
He says, “The internet has proved to be a real leveller in travel, giving rise to new and formidable brands and businesses.  It was only a matter of time before the media and technology guys seized the opportunity to go one better by getting into the actual retailing side of things.  Having worked with Laurence, Maz and the team in previous guises over the years I have every faith that SqueezeHolidays.com will soon be a formidable player in the online travel arena.”

Maz Darvish, Chairman of SqueezeHolidays.com says, “In one form or another, the team behind SqueezeHolidays.com has been involved in the successful development and marketing of online travel businesses for over a decade. Collectively we have pioneered new technologies, engineered new processes and created new consumer offerings. This wealth of experience and knowledge is now being put to full use to make SqueezeHolidays.com a full service online travel agency that achieves excellence in all its core functions.”


p> SqueezeHolidays.com comes to the market with an accommodation only proposition, focused on popular beach destinations.


Laurence Woodhams, Commercial Director says, “This is a crowded marketplace, but there are very few online operations that have everything right in every aspect of their operations.  Our strategy is to develop the site by incrementally increasing services while maintaining the highest level of service excellence.  I’m excited to be working with such a talented team of proven experts and look forward to achieving exponential sales growth for ourselves and our suppliers”


The next stages of SqueezeHolidays.com’s transformation into a full service Online Travel Agency are underway.  Further announcements will be made in due course.


SqueezeHolidays.com is backed by Neutron Ventures.