Ryanair wins screenscraping injuntion against Vtours.de

A court in Hamburg has uphold Ryanair’s injunction against the activities of the screenscraper website Vtours.de, which was previously selling Ryanair tickets to German consumers at a mark-up.
Vtours.de had appealed against Ryanair’s original injunction and this case was heard in the Hamburg Court last week.  In today’s judgement, the Hamburg Court has confirmed that Ryanair’s injunction remains in place, which will prevent the Vtours.de website screenscraping Ryanair’s website and selling Ryanair’s tickets to its customers with unauthorised hidden mark-ups.

Ryanair’s Jim Callaghan said: “We welcome this latest successful Hamburg Court decision against the Vtours.de screenscraper/ticket-tout website.  Ryanair is continuing to cancel bookings made through this unauthorised ticket-tout website, and has called on the European Commission, as well as National Governments to take action to prevent this illegal and unlawful mis-selling to consumers.  Sadly, we are still waiting for the European Commission to take any action to protect consumers, but we live in hope.”