Flybe backs BAA break-up

Flybe has reiterated its support of the expected recommendations of the Competition Commission’s preliminary report tomorrow on the suggested break-up of BAAs near monopoly of UK airport ownership.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jim French, says that the successful story of the UK aviation industry is acknowledged worldwide but that the need for competition across all sectors is now one that is clearly the overriding factor impacting further future development.

“As a market leader, Flybe is one of the greatest supporters of competition as it drives innovation as well as improvement to the services offered to the flying public. We have been saying for years that the BAA monopoly of airports in South East England and the Scottish lowlands in particular is bad for everyone not the least of which the travelling public. We expect that, at last, the Competition Commission will have come to the same conclusion and we can now move forward.”

“BAA has undoubtedly played a valuable industry role through its evolution from public to private ownership, but times change and the time is now ripe for change. It is hopefully a change that - empowering and encouraging healthy competition - can only prove a win-win for everyone.”