Hogg Robinson wins major sports deal

Hogg Robinson Group has signed Premiere Group as one of its newest customers. FC Bayern Tours GmbH, a joint venture between HRG Sports and FC Bayern Munich, secured the contract because of its considerable industry expertise and ability to provide a full range of tailored services.

With unique and complex travel needs, Premiere requires a great deal of flexibility in its travel bookings - especially during significant sporting events such as the soccer premier league or the Formula 1 season. As part of its full service solution, HRG will advise on and manage bookings across hotel, flight, train, and car rental requirements - ensuring bookings can be centrally amended to meet Premiere’s changing needs.

“Fast, seamless organisation is just as important in the media as it is in sports when it comes to high performance. Premiere has chosen us as its partner because of our long-standing travel management experience in the sports and B2B industries,” said Wolfgang Wirthmann, Managing Director of HRG Sports Europe.

Premiere AG, pay-per-view channel Premiere Fernsehen and Premiere’s numerous subsidiaries and affiliates in Germany and Austria, spent several million euros on business travel in 2007.

Through a series of joint ventures and other arrangements, HRG Sports manages the travel needs of the German Football Association, the German Football League, FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer 04 Leverkusen. In Austria, HRG manages clients including Red Bull Salzburg and the Austrian Handball Association ?-HB. Other customers include the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF in Switzerland and the German Ice Hockey Association. HRG has also been collaborating for more than 30 years with the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States.