BTN talks to: Jamaica’s James Robertson MP at Beijing 2008

The Honourable James Robertson MP is Officer of Planning and Development in Jamaica. He talks to BTN at the World Travel Awards VIP Lounge in The Westin Beijing Financial Street on the opening day of the Beijing Olympics.

Pictured: Hon James Robertson MP, Minister Planning and Development of Jamaica with family and Zachary Harding, Deputy Director of Tourism Jamaica, and Graham Cooke, President World Travel Awards.

  BTN: Tell me about your visit to Beijing?
JR: It is proving a tremendous experience and coming here to Beijing’s new financial district, the new Wall Street of Beijing and the new Wall Street of the world, has been particularly tremendous. What I have seen put on here at the Westin Hotel by the World Travel Awards and its president Mr Cooke is unbelievable. It has given me the feeling that Jamaica is positioned in the right place for the future here in Beijing today.

BTN: It’s a very exciting time for Jamaica in the Olympics. What are your hopes for Jamaica?
JR: It’s more than exciting, my hopes are many golds, many silvers and many bronzes. Over 53 athletes are going to be true ambassadors for Jamaica. We went to the flag raising ceremony two days ago and the team is in high spirits. They enter the camp on the 11th and they know they are going to do well. We have the two fastest men in the world. We have women returning with a gold that they bought home four years ago. So we are hoping for a lot from our athletes.

BTN: I think you will get it!
JR: We get it. We are confident!


BTN: What’s happening back home in Jamaica at the moment?
JR: Jamaica is open for business. The drive within our young people and within our new Prime Minister is tremendous. I am a Cabinet Minister and am here with my family, going threw Hong Kong, all through China just seeing what is happening. What is expected of us, being able to do it slowly, to get a feel. I am in charge of Planning and Development in the cabinet, and from what I see here, Jamaica is open to attract business, to open up links in tourism and sports.

We have two ministers of government within our cabinet that will be here officially, our Minister of Sports and Culture will be here this week and our Minister of Tourism will be here. So Jamaica is serious and we are going to capitalise on it, and we are gonna work hard to attract the world to our country.