IDeaS wins Sofitel Heathrow deal

IDeaS Revenue Optimization has announced today the newly opened Sofitel London Heathrow, one of
the largest luxury airport hotel and convention venues in the UK, will
install IDeaS V5i On-Demand Revenue Management Solution to manage its
pricing strategies and deploy strategic business optimisation.
“As the hotel will be located in a very high demand area, the ability to
provide superior forecasting and pricing is paramount for us,” said John
Donaldson, Executive Director at Sofitel London Heathrow. “IDeaS’ broad
expertise in the hospitality market, together with state of the art
integrations, such as the new Sales & Catering Interface with Newmarket
Delphi products, clearly set the company apart from its competitors. In
particular, key for us was IDeaS’ ability to work within the Accor brand
standards for pricing, as well as the ability to deal effectively with high
demand markets” added Mr. Donaldson.

The implementation of IDeaS V5i at Sofitel London Heathrow has already
started and it will be completed by the end of August. The IDeaS V5i
On-demand Revenue Management Solution will be deployed with modules such as
the Best Available Rate (BAR) Module, which helps formulate optimal pricing
decisions while incorporating rate shopping information, thus guaranteeing
quicker and better responses to market conditions; the Budget Module which
provides hoteliers with an easy method to assess their performance against
financial goals, allowing them to compare rooms sold and revenue at the
hotel and market segment level to corresponding budget figures, and the new
Sales & Catering Interface which provides the functionality to launch the
Group Pricing Module from within the Newmarket Delphi product. The Group
Pricing Module, which will be pre-populated with basic information from the
Newmarket system, is designed to help hoteliers evaluate group requests,
analyse displaced revenues, find alternative dates and include ancillary
revenues and costs for a total value assessment.


“The high profile of this new property, which is one of the UK’s largest
hotel openings in 2008, and its strategic role in developing the Sofitel
brand within the country, reinforces IDeaS position as the global market
leader in revenue management solutions,” said Cheryl Hawksworth, IDeaS
Sales Manager UK. “Additionally, this is one of the first large properties
to take advantage of IDeaS New Hotel Success Service Package, which allows
new hotels to use IDeaS’ solutions without the need for historical data
typically required, by leveraging their budget data and using business
patterns from similar types of hotels. Forecasts and decisions, critical
when opening a new hotel, are then able to be produced with greater
accuracy and speed than ever before.”