Czech scores well with SkyTeam

SkyTeam Alliance customers have rated Czech Airlines’ services as being some of the best.  This is the conclusion of the most recent satisfaction survey, which took place between October 2007 and March 2008.  Nearly 28,000 passengers rated the services of airlines from the SkyTeam Alliance.  Of the ten airlines rated, Czech Airlines got the highest rating for the services of its Contact Centre and also for the quality of its in-flight services.

“We very much value this primacy.  Our Contact Centre handles calls from clients on dozens of foreign markets.  Last year, we equipped our Contact Centre with modern technologies in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard.  This, in combination with highly qualified staff, allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to all of the requests with which our passengers approach us,” said Czech Airlines’ Vice-President for Sales, Petr Řehák, in commenting on the success.  “In 2007, we handled nearly 470,000 incoming calls, which is 15 percent more than in 2006.  In the first six months of this year alone, we have processed nearly 400,000 contacts, which represents a 10 percent year-on-year growth,” added Kateřina Dlouhá, Director of the Czech Airlines Contact Centre.

Czech Airlines also ranked best in the category of in-flight services.  It won first place for in-flight services for Business Class clients on its long-haul flights, passing all nine other SkyTeam members.  In the same category in Economy Class, Czech Airlines ranked 2nd.  On short- and medium-haul flights, the satisfaction of Business Class clients brought it 4th place, and the opinions of Economy Class passengers 3rd place.

In an overall rating of passenger satisfaction with the quality of on the ground and in-flight services, Czech Airlines also ranked among the best.  The satisfaction of clients in Economy Class on long-haul flights brought it 2nd place, and 4th place in Business Class.  According to the same criteria on short- and medium-haul flights, Czech Airlines ranked 3rd in Economy Class and 4th in Business Class.  In both of these categories, Korean Air came first

The survey also rated the airport services provided by the individual SkyTeam member airlines at their bases.  Of 17 airports, Prague Ruzyně Airport came 5th, with South Korean Seoul being the best.  In general, passengers most valued the service at check-in desks as well as the expediency and speed of check-in itself.  They also rated positively the language skills and the warm approach of the staff.


Presently, the SkyTeam Alliance associates 11 member airlines and 3 associated members.  The 2007/2008 winter season satisfaction survey was carried out among 10 members - Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Czech Airlines, Alitalia, Delta, Air France, Continental, KLM, Northwest, and Korean Air.  Airline services were divided into 21 categories.  Its results place Czech Airlines among the most successful