SynXis invests heavily for customer growth

SynXis has announced the successful completion of two significant technology projects that will provide for continued advancements for its hospitality customers and the expected continued momentum of its business. The two projects involved concurrent conversion of the SynXis RedX platform to an Oracle database management system and the migration to a new data center.

The technology investments provide the following benefits to SynXis customers:

  * continuing the system’s 99.9% uptime performance,
  * the platform can easily scale to support growth in all channels, especially Channel Connect, the direct connection to third party travel sites, which is growing at over 50% per year,
  * like the environment it replaced, RedX on Oracle is certified PCI compliant by VISA,
  * the storage environment provides best in class read/write times to speed system response
  * a more durable server environment that enables us to further reduce any planned or unplanned system downtime,
  * a robust network capable of handling thousands of simultaneous users while providing optimal response times for our worldwide customer base,
  * the new environment is supported by both SynXis and Sabre technologists.

To ensure the success of both projects, the SynXis and Sabre technology teams performed extensive planning and testing - and the result was a seamless transition for the more than 8,000 properties using the RedX Distribution Management System.

“System availability and performance are the foundation of our product offering. This investment ensures we have the leading platform in place to support the rapid customer growth we anticipate over the next several years,” commented Scott Alvis, president and general manager of SynXis. “Sabre Holdings is committed to continual investment in the hotel technology space to provide the industry with the leading technology and services they expect.”


The new infrastructure platform, utilizes state-of-the-art technologies from leading vendors such as Cisco, f5, Hewlett-Packard and EMC to provide the highest level of performance and reliability available today. The new database platform, Oracle 10g RAC, was selected due to its ability to scale and perform in a high transaction environment. All critical aspects of the environment are fully redundant to minimize the possibility of service interruption to SynXis customers. In order to prepare for this migration, over 100 load and stress tests were run to ensure that the new environment would support the high transaction volumes that RedX handles each day.

The new data center is housed in an AT&T commercial data center facility and is managed by the Sabre operations teams. This data center is also home to several other strategic Sabre products, allowing SynXis to leverage the investments that have been made in world class infrastructure and operations and provide solutions for complete channel optimization for hospitality customers.