Click Travel launches carbon monitoring service

Travel management company Click Travel has launched a free carbon footprint monitoring facility for its customers, which will provide them with a monthly breakdown of all their travel induced carbon output.Click Travel itself is planning to become a total carbon neutral company and has spearheaded a number of other green initiatives, including the launch of an integrated off-setting scheme in association with The CarbonNeutral Company; the world’s leading carbon consulting and carbon offsetting company. This will offer customers the opportunity to make up for their CO2 output by getting involved in a number of projects such as planting trees and building wind-farms.

Commenting on the new systems, managing director Simon McLean said: “I’m really proud to be launching our first CO2 initiative and am confident that it will have a positive effect on the local, regional and global environment.

“We are committed to reducing our CO2 output and our new reporting facility is a great way to not only raise awareness of this important issue, but also help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.”

“We’ve set the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral company and would strongly like to encourage others to do it too.”