Branson to develop eco resort in BVI

Richard Branson has unveiled plans for a new eco-resort in the British Virgin Islands. The resort on Mosquito Island will feature 20 villas and a beachfront restaurant powered entirely by wind turbines and solar panels.Branson said the resort - with its wealth of sun, wind and waves - can be a world leader in renewable alternatives to carbon fuels.

He said: “It is actually inexcusable for the Caribbean to need to use dirty fuels anymore when it has all these natural resources on its doorstep.”

The Virgin boss bought the 124-acre island in 2007 for US$13.2 million. It is just across the water to his other Caribbean interest, Necker Island, which he bought in 1976 for US$171,000 and has since transformed into one of the world’s most luxurious island resorts.