British business travellers welcome heightened security

Despite the increased focus on global security, today’s business traveller feels safe when travelling within the UK and overseas, thanks to the existing security measures at departure points such as airports. But they would like to see heightened security measures extended across the UK’s national rail system.These survey of 3,000 UK executives, from the 2008 Barclaycard Business Travel Survey, demonstrate the resilience of British business to security threats and the increase in security procedures. The results also confirm overwhelming support of enhanced safety measures.

An overwhelming majority (91%) of respondents say they feel safe when travelling for business through airports, with only a small proportion (6%), saying they do not feel secure. Of the 6% who feel unsafe, the global security threat was indicated by the highest majority (41%) as being of greatest concern.  Increased security measures were welcomed as necessary by respondents despite the delays caused.

While additional measures at airports instilled a sense of security, almost half of respondents (48%) said they would like to see enhanced measures on other forms of transport. More than three quarters of respondents (79%) feel security on trains and at stations could be improved.  In contrast, only 9& feel that further protective measures should be introduced to the London Underground.

The results also demonstrate an overall support for security checks, with 82% happy to undergo precautionary checks, while just 10% feel they are unnecessary and time-wasting.  Those at a more senior level were less tolerant of security precautions with a higher number of CEOs (17%) feeling that airport checks were a waste of time.

Younger business travellers were more concerned about personal security than their more senior counterparts with more than half, (51%) of 18-30 year olds highlighting this concern, compared with 43 per cent of those aged 66 and over.


Additional Findings:
* Personal security is something that concerns 46 per cent of business travellers

* Women are more concerned (61%) about their personal security when travelling on business than men (44%)

* Married employees (45%) are the most concerned about security when travelling on business. Those in a relationship (32%) and singles (27%) are the least concerned

* Older employees feel their health is a more important factor when travelling on business than security.  72% of ‘51 year old and over’ worry most about health when travelling.