Czech to handle Austrian in Prague

Czech Airlineshas won the tender for the further provision of handling services to Austrian Airlines flights in Prague.  Czech Airlines will thus provide the Austrian carrier with all of the standard handling services for the next three years, such as passenger handling and aircraft handling on the ramp. Czech Airlines handling will provide its services to Austrian Airlines for all of its five daily flights from Vienna to Prague and back.

Last year, Czech Airlines handled 7.1 million passengers at Prague Airport, on 104,000 aircraft departures and arrivals.  The number of passengers handled has thus increased by 2.7 percent, and the number of aircraft handled even by 3.5 percent.  Czech Airlines ensures the handling of its own aircraft as well as those of other carriers operating in Prague.  Most of them are major European carriers with scheduled carriage.  Czech Airlines’ handling clients, however, also include the operators of smaller aircraft or special one-time flights, such as those of foreign government representatives or the flights of large cargo jets.

Czech Airlines’ clients include its alliance partners - members of SkyTeam (Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Korean Airlines, Aeroflot), as well as other airlines, such as Lufthansa, Swiss, SN Brussels Airlines, MalĂ©v, JAT, SAS, Finnair, and many other carriers with scheduled or irregular operations.