Wotif survey boosts local prospects

The threat of rising airfares has Aussies reviewing their holiday plans, with many indicating that increased airfares ‘would have an affect’ on their travel habits, according to a survey conducted by accommodation website Wotif.com.But the results of the survey, which asked over 600 people to consider what affect the threatened price hikes in air travel would have on their travel plans, contained a silver lining for local tourism operators, with over 70% of respondents indicating they’d holiday closer to home. 

Commenting on the survey, Managing Director, Robbie Cooke, said, “People will always love to travel, and while rising airfares may affect the destinations they choose, these results show that it will have a minimal impact on their inclination to travel.

Many Kiwi and Asian respondents echoed their Aussie counterparts, with 43% of the international respondents marking Australia as a desirable destination if long-haul airfares become too expensive.

As the number one accommodation website in Australia and New Zealand, Wotif.com is well positioned to assist both consumers and the tourism industry throughout this time.

“By using a distribution channel, like Wotif.com, which is strong throughout the Asia-Pacific region, local accommodation properties will be well placed to counteract any negative affects brought on by the rising airfares,” Cooke added.


Cooke said the rising airfares would likely alter consumer behaviour, “consumers are looking for ways to stretch their holiday budget.”

“More and more decisions will be lead by price and a perception of value, with the ability to compare alternatives easily of increased importance to holiday makers.”

Respondents to the survey also said they planned to use the rising costs of airfares as an excuse to extend their breaks, with many intending to spend more time at each destination to compensate for the increased cost of getting there.