Austrian eyes new partner options

The Supervisory Board of Austrian Airlines AG has been informed about the progress of the ongoing Strategic Options project which has been designed to identify further result potential from internal optimisation and any additional potential based on a strategic partnership. The analysis so far has produced a number of interesting partner options - more than expected, in fact. The options offer differing but still significant result potential which would appear to make another, more in-depth analysis attractive for both Austrian Airlines and the potential partner. The next stage will see the strategic fit and possible models for cooperation analysed in turn. The priority is to find a long-term, stable solution for Austrian Airlines and its staff.

An initial list of some two-dozen starting points has already been worked out for the internal optimisation, which will be implemented irrespective of potential partners.

Another interim report on the project, to include a smaller choice of partner options, will be presented at the next meeting of the Supervisory Board at the end of July.