Slowdown not yet dampening holiday plans

The economic downturn is affecting the travel plans of only 30% of British travellers over 45, according to a new survey.Digital market research provider, eDigitalResearch, says 70% of people aren’t changing their travel plans and are still going abroad for a duration of a week or more.

Despite the growing pressure on the economy and the mounting living expenses, a holiday is considered more of a necessity now in order to reduce the stresses of daily life. A massive 63.2% of people have planned holidays months in advance and the consensus is that if people have saved effectively and planned in advance, that they deserve to take a break.

Only 20% of the people surveyed have changed their plans largely due to less disposable income, the rising exchange rate of the Euro making European vacations costly and rising fuel costs making it cost-prohibitive to travel.

One of the highest percentages was recorded for online bookings. 75% of people prefer to book online, with the majority (60%) of people wanting to tailor-make their holidays directly with the operator, as opposed to through a travel agent. Despite the rising number of late offers on package deals, the trend is for increased flexibility and choice within the travel procurement process.

Michelle Fuller, Director of eDigitalResearch comments: “We are witness to the fact that the travel sector is investing more in online market research this year in order to appeal more to the online audience. Our survey indicates that people are more tempted to book online as it provides increased flexibility and choice. People appear to be nonchalant when it comes to economic and environmental concerns, opting not to give up what they consider to be their well-earned holidays.”


The survey was completed by 2,525 people, with an equal male and female weighting. The majority of people questioned were within the 45-65 year’ age bracket.