Holidays can ruin friendships

You can expect to lose something on holiday - your sunglasses, your camera, your innocence - but one in five Brits have lost a good friend due to not testing ‘holiday friendship compatibility’ before embarking on a seven or fourteen days break together.New research by Travelodge has revealed one in five Brits have experienced a ‘friends holiday from hell’ because they did not invest in a short break together first; to see whether they were well-matched to go on a long trip together. Seven per cent of these holidaymakers even terminated their holiday within the first few days because they could not bare to spend another minute in their friend’s company.

The report also found 55% of Brits holidaying with friends have two serious arguments. The top five main causes for the disagreements are:

1. Clash of personality (finding out what your friend is really like to live with)

2. Not having the same interests regarding activities and choice of food

3. Experiencing your friends annoying habits that you did not know such as: snoring, being untidy and borrowing things without asking


4. Fancying the same person, not approving of friends holiday romance or vice versa

5. Money - who has paid for what and how the kitty is spent

Anjula Mutanda, Psychologist and Life Coach said: “It’s a very common issue - friendships breaking up on holiday. Never underestimate just because you’re good friends, going away together for a one or two weeks break will be easy. It’s a big risk holidaying with someone for the first time; this is when you will discover what they are really like.”