Mobile home holidays buoyed by credit squeeze

Self-catering specialist Keycamp is reporting buoyant sales for summer 2008, as the credit squeeze is forcing consumers to opt for its no-frills style of camping holiday.With many prices up to 20% lower than last year, canny consumers have worked out that this style of holiday means they can stretch the family budget to include a holiday abroad this summer.

Marketing manager Dave McKenna explains:  “A mobile home break is not only a very family-friendly type of holiday, but also one of the most flexible in terms of pricing.  In comparison with a package holiday, consumers have many options, which means they can fit their holiday to this year’s budget without too much compromise.”

“With a menu style pricing, it is possible to find a holiday combination that suits their wallet.  They can select lower cost travel options such as Dover-Calais crossings, which are included in the price of the holiday; and choose between accommodation types, which range from luxury tents to lavish mobile homes.”

For families who see a holiday as a necessity not a luxury, a time to unwind and spend time together, Keycamp has devised the following credit crunch busting tips to make the most of the holiday budgets.