Luxury airport lounges at bargain prices

A new airport lounge service could be set to make air travel a more luxurious affair. Airport Angel ( is a subscription service that lets economy-class passengers access airport lounges of over 200 airports without incurring the cost of a business class seat.“Subscribers pay an annual fee of £65, then pay £15 per visit. Airport Angel also incorporates airport texts, a unique real-time personal text service which guides passengers through their journey from arrival at the departure airport, right through to the return journey back into the UK.

It provides passengers with essential trip updates such as delay, check-in, and boarding and arrival information. There is also the option to provide nominated partners or friends with information to facilitate the onward travel.

Simon Ward, managing director of The Leapfrog Group, says:  “Airport Angel is the smart way for economy class fliers or those using no- frills airlines to upgrade to airport lounge access without incurring the cost of a business class seat.”

“Whilst Britons are addicted to their overseas travel, many of us are now opting for economy class or no-frills airlines.  In addition, earlier check-in times means spending more time at overcrowded airports.  Airport Angel lets you relax away from the crowds providing respite from the hustle and bustle of the airport departure areas, plus complimentary beverages, snacks and business facilities.  When you consider the cost of a coffee and a sandwich, the airport lounge pass practically pays for itself.”