Djibouti - the new diving hotspot?

Diving enthusiasts from the United Arab Emirates are buzzing with excitement about the newest diving hotspot in the Middle East and Africa region - Djibouti. Members of the Emirates Diving Association (EDA) fresh from a recent diving trip, were hosted by Dijbouti Palace Kempinksi in conjunction with Djibouti’s Office of National Tourism, which has been busy promoting the country as an exciting leisure and recreation destination.
“Overall it was a fantastic experience; it’s definitely a trip well worth doing again. We would like to thank our hosts - the Ministry of Tourism, DAALLO Airlines and Djibouti Palace Kempinski - for their warm hospitality and for the opportunity to see the many wonders that the country has in store for tourists from all over the world,” said said Ibrahim Al-Zu’bi, the Environmental Advisor of the Emirates Diving Association.
The diving expedition is part of a more encompassing campaign to lure more tourists to this African nation situated at the point where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean.
Its strategic location immediately conjures up images of exotic diving spots, which Djibouti has plenty. But this small, yet promising tourism hotspot is also rich in dramatic landscapes with vast coastal plains and volcanic plateaus.