SIA male crew get new look

Singapore Airlines male cabin crew are to take on a fresh
look, wearing a new uniform, which will complement the legendary sarong
kebaya worn by the Airline’s female cabin crew. The new male cabin crew uniform is the creation of veteran French fashion
designer Christophe Galibert, artistic Director of Balmain Uniformes. The fashion
house was appointed for the redesign of the uniform in 2006. 

Mr Galibert has also worked with the designer of the sarong kebaya, Mr Pierre
Balmain, for more than 25 years. 

Said Mr Galibert: “The entire Balmain team was thrilled to embark on the
mission of designing the Singapore Airlines male cabin crew uniform and
bringing to it our own international touch. 

“In designing this new look, our main aim was to retain the legendary
elegance of the Singapore Airlines male cabin crew but at the same time make
it more consistent with the iconic creation of Mr Pierre Balmain’s sarong
kebaya.  Our challenge was, therefore, to find a matching smartness and
unique sophistication for the male crew uniform.”

The new uniform comprises a single-breasted navy blue suit (jacket and
trousers), sky blue shirt and striped tie. The tie colour differentiates the four
ranks of crew.


SUIT - The navy blue jacket and trousers complement the colour worn by the
majority of the female crew on board (blue). 

SHIRT - The skyblue shirt blends in beautifully with the navy blue jacket and
aptly reflects the colour of the sky.

TIE - The tie colour is the differentiating
factor among the ranks and closely follows
the kebaya colours of the female crew. In
addition, the various colours of the stripes on
each tie were carefully designed by Balmain
to match the fine details of the sarong kebaya

Blue -  Flight Steward
Green -  Leading Steward
Red -  Chief Steward
Purple -  Inflight Supervisor

Said Mr Tan Pee Teck, Senior Vice President Cabin Crew, “The new uniform
projects a smart and professional image and will instill a sense of pride in the
crew. This is even more so since many of our crew members were themselves
actively involved in the selection and fine-tuning of the design concept and
colour scheme of the uniform.”