One-way private jet travel for those feeling the credit pinch

It appears the credit crunch and soaring fuel prices is hitting all budgets, even those of the mega rich. Private jet operator, SkyBridge Private Air, is introducing a ‘One-Way-OK!’ programme to serve the growing number of cash-strapped folk who can only afford to charter a private jet one-way.SkyBridge has seen one-way travel increase to approximately 69% of all trip requests. Founder and company president Michael Napoliello notes that private jet travellers in today’s marketplace are seeking affordability and flexibility. Napoliello sees customers moving away from fractional and membership programs that have high overhead costs and travel restrictions.

Cost is not the only consideration driving one-way demand. Often, clients have time and luggage constraints at the beginning or end of a trip that they do not have in the reverse direction. The typical response of private jet companies to one-way requests has been to make the customer pay round-trip fares.