Philly Marriott redefines lobby experience

Business travelers in 2008 use a hotel differently than they did in prior years according to research conducted by Marriott International.As a result, the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown has spent $6.3 million to completely renovate its lobby and restaurant to appeal to the needs of today’s hotel guest.

The new Lobby (Reinvented) concept featured at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown is a bold new way of activating the public space with innovative design, state-of-the-art-technology, and creative food and beverage concepts catering to the 24/7 work patterns of today’s traveler.

The hotel’s new restaurant, called “13,” features timeless American classics with a contemporary twist.

According to Bill Walsh, General Manager, “The layout and design of our new lobby allowed us to transform our under-utilized public space into differentiated experiences and comfortable zones where guests want to linger for working, socializing or relaxing. We have three zones: Social, Individual, and At Your Service.”

PhillyDowntown The Lobby (Reinvented) Concept knocks down traditional architectural barriers in the hotel lobby; thereby creating zones.


The “Individual Zone” is uniquely purposed to serve as a place of refuge and solitude. Here, guests can indulge in work, recreation, or relaxation without being disturbed. The staging is upscale and residential - guests are surrounded with well-designed furniture, current newspapers and magazines, and other activities. Whether in search of secluded comfort or productivity, guests will be able to enjoy current periodicals and wireless connectivity for their business or recreational activities.

The “Social Business Zone” enables groups of business travelers to relax in a lounge atmosphere, offering intimate tables for two where guests can converse with a glass of wine or gourmet treat, as well as other areas for impromptu meetings or breakout discussions. Throughout the day, the changing menu of food and beverages is complemented with a change in music and lighting.

The “At Your Service Zone” welcomes guests throughout the day with a well-orchestrated choice of personalized, high-touch and efficient high-tech services. The one-stop service experience includes access to a personal assistant as well as a retail area that caters to guests’ personal and business needs.