Virgin confirms staggered fuel charge

Virgin Atlantic has confirmed that it is to charge its Economy class passengers lower fuel charges than those travelling in its premium cabins.The new fuel charges will rise by different amounts to reflect the higher amounts of fuel burned per passenger, and greater baggage allowances, in Premium Economy and Upper Class cabins.

Oil prices remain at historic highs, recently touching $135 per barrel, leading to higher prices for items such as electricity, gas, and petrol at the pump.

Steve Ridgway, Chief Executive of Virgin Atlantic, said, “With jet fuel prices now at levels that challenge the very nature and structure of the entire airline industry, we have decided to levy fuel charges depending on where you sit in the plane. Our Upper Class and Premium Economy passengers benefit from considerably more space on our aircraft and larger baggage allowances than our Economy passengers, so our aircraft burn more fuel to carry them. We believe that Economy passengers should pay lower fuel charges than passengers in our two premium cabins as their carbon footprint is around half of those seated towards the front of the plane.”