Alan Greenspan to speak at Caribbean Tourism Summit

Former Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan, is set to present the keynote speech at the annual Caribbean Tourism Summit in Washington D.C. on 23 June.“A Conversation With Dr. Greenspan” will be the highlight of the event, which will be preceded by a private breakfast, where Greenspan will be introduced by Dick Armey, former House Majority Leader to heads of government of the Caribbean, Central Bank Governors and senior officials “to discuss matters of interest to the Caribbean.” His keynote address from 9-10 a.m. is set to be moderated by Sir Dwight Venner, Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Greenspan reportedly charges around US$100,000 per speech. The ACTS is organised by the Caribbean Tourism Development Company, which is the marketing and business development entity that is jointly owned by the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Caribbean Hotel Association.

Greenspan served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve for 18? years and four presidential administrations. He advised leaders across the political spectrum as he called for a smaller federal budget deficit, freer trade and less government involvement in the economy. His analysis of economic trends for the long and short term has influenced and often shaped the course of policy, international relations and financial markets. Greenspan was devoted to strengthening the authority and integrity of the Federal Reserve; through his steady leadership during bull and bear markets, the Fed became an institution respected worldwide.