US airlines seek TIA unity

The Air Transport Association of America has issued a slightly frustrated response to the Travel Industry Association (TIA) study on air travel and customer service.The statement reads:

“Welcome to the picnic. The TIA survey reveals what ATA has been saying for years, that we have an aging air traffic control system that is in desperate need of replacement,” said ATA President and CEO James C. May. “We appreciate TIA’s involvement in finding ways to improve the passenger travel experience and we look forward to working with them on the various initiatives that we already have put before Congress, FAA and others.”

      May added that if TIA wants to do something truly meaningful, they will join ATA in asking for immediate action on key initiatives to improve all aspects of air travel. These initiatives include:

  1. Implement NowGen technologies now to provide immediate system efficiency gains, that means helping DOT/FAA work on the full list of 77 initiatives that we provided last fall
  2. Resolve New York region airspace issues and accelerate airspace redesign to relieve pressure that delays in that region put on the rest of the system
  3. Urge Congress to fight sky-high oil prices while not imposing unfair environmental fees on airlines

      “Just six months ago, TIA proposed raising revenue through a tax on passengers, an unsuitable solution to an already overtaxed industry,” said May. “We hope that we can work cooperatively with TIA to reduce, not raise, the cost of travel.”