Ryanair targets domestic aviation regulator

Ryanair, in a presentation to the companies domestic Dail Economic & Regulatory Affairs Committee has renewed its call for the dismissal of Cathal Guiomard, the Aviation Regulator.At today’s Committee Hearing, Ryanair produced evidence to show that under Mr Guiomard in the past 5 years:

á      Passenger charges at Dublin have increased 31% (twice the rate of inflation).

á      Dublin car parking charges have doubled (5 times the rate of inflation).

á      Dublin’s check-in desk charges have increased by 200% (10 times inflation).



Ryanair also provided the Committee with evidence that Mr Guiomard has failed to run his own office effectively or efficiently.

á      He has rubber stamped most of the price increases sought by the DAA monopoly.

á      His staff numbers have jumped 40% to 21 people, despite having little work.

á      The average salary in the CAR’s office has doubled from €46k to over €87k p.a.

á      His office for passenger complaints (2? people) deals with less than one letter per week.


Ryanair also provided the Committee with evidence from the recent UK Competition Commission investigation into the BAA monopoly which found that:

á      The BAA’s monopoly’s Scottish airports has been bad for competition.

á      The BAA’s monopoly’s London airports has been bad for competition.

á      The way the BAA monopoly has behaved has been bad for competition.

á      The inadequate regulatory regime in the UK has been bad for competition.


Speaking after the Committee Meeting today, Ryanair’s Jim Callaghan said:


“Dublin Airport is the second most expensive of the 27 bases Ryanair operates at.  The only base which is more expensive is the BAA Stansted base in London, which has recently been found by the UK Competition Commission to have been the result of an inadequate regulatory regime and an abusive monopoly airport.  The same situation exists in Dublin, where the DAA monopoly continues to increase costs (above the rate of inflation), ignores the reasonable requirements of airport users, and all the DAA’s unjustified price increases are rubber stamped by an inadequate, ineffective, incompetent regulator.


“This Regulator can’t manage his own office effectively or efficiently and certainly can’t regulate the Dublin Airport monopoly.  If we had competing terminals at Dublin Airport, we wouldn’t need this inadequate Regulator.  Ryanair believes that the best way forward for consumers and Irish tourism is to dismiss the current Aviation Regulator, and allow for the development of a third terminal at Dublin Airport which will compete with the two expensive, overpriced facilities being built by the DAA monopoly.


“The current threatened industrial action by the Airport Police and Fire Service is the latest example of why semi-state monopolies are bad for consumers, whereas competition improves services and reduces costs for the travelling public.