Qantas clarifies pilot status

Qantas has confirmed that Jetstar was supplementing its extensive
domestic recruitment for pilots by using 457 visas to recruit some pilots from overseas.The Chief Executive Officer of Qantas, Mr Geoff Dixon, said that Jetstar had recruited 200 pilots in
Australia since January 2007 and, on average, recruited 15 pilots per month.
“In addition, Qantas separately has recruited 170 new pilots this financial year and more than 300
existing Qantas pilots have received upgrade training in the same period.”
Mr Dixon said Qantas and Jetstar were separate airlines with their own individual pilot and training
“Nearly all the Qantas Group of pilots are recruited in Australia, despite piloting being very much a
global profession.
“Indeed, many Australian pilots choose to fly with overseas airlines throughout their careers.”
Mr Dixon said the Group spent millions of dollars each year recruiting and training pilots.
“We also have an extensive cadet program, which we continue to expand. Nobody does more to
grow the pool of skilled pilots in this country than we do.”