Business travel needs to green up

A mere 1 per cent of executives adhered to company environmental policy by taking fewer business trips last year, according to a new survey from Barclaycard business.
In addition, more than four in five of the 3,000 executives interviewed said their company did not audit carbon emissions resulting from travel.

Barclaycard Business commercial cards director Denise Leleux said: “There is very little evidence of any significant shift in behaviour of business travellers in 2007 - despite the volumes of media coverage given to this area and the corresponding level of comment by business and the business community on a broad range of environmental initiatives.

“One of the major issues arising is a lack of consensus among employers and employees about who should be taking responsibility and how,” she added. “If we are to move forward and achieve significant change this should be the focus of attention. In the meantime we are seeing individuals taking action where they can.”

More than two in five were in favour of an environmental tax on airlines, with 55% saying this should be passed on to the passenger.

The survey also disclosed that women executives seemed more environmentally aware than male ones, with public sector employees almost twice as likely as private sector workers to have an environmental policy covering travel.