LateRooms inks Manchester deal has partnered with the Manchester Visitor Information Centre to provide exclusive access to LateRooms’ accommodation database, making the booking process quicker and easier than ever.The Visitor Information Centre is the first LateRooms partner to be given direct access to their reservations system, which allows staff to view hotel deals directly, offering the best range of accommodation to suit their customers’ varying needs.

The new efficient service saves visitors time as well as money. With no need for the staff to manually call Manchester’s various properties (to check availability and the best deals), they can remove the £2.50 booking fee, which was previously incurred for this service.


Furthermore, visitors have no need to worry about making same-day bookings: with the new LateRooms service, hotel accommodation can be arranged through The Visitor Information Centre up to just 12 minutes in advance, taking the worry and hassle out of last minute accommodation needs.



Paul Simpson, managing director of Visit Manchester, the tourist board for Greater Manchester, comments:

“The Visitor Information Centre provides assistance to over 300,000 people every year. Naturally, securing accommodation is one of the most frequent requests made of them and with their extensive coverage of hotels in Greater Manchester; will help us to fulfil this demand.”


Jenny Oakley, Affiliate Network Manager of comments:

“Everyone knows trying to find accommodation can be a daunting task, especially if you need a hotel room quickly. We hope that LateRooms’ partnership with the Manchester Visitor Information Centre will make life easier for both the staff and visitors alike, allowing tourists to enjoy a pleasurable trip to this wonderful city.”