BA site driving profits

British Airways’ website has been a vital factor in helping it post record profits and it’s the best performing UK airline website in a new league table published by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company NetCallidus.Shockingly, the UK’s second biggest airline by turnover, Virgin Atlantic, sits at fifth place in the table. It is beaten online by low fares rivals such as easyJet.

Analysts at £2 million turnover company NetCallidus compared airlines’ market share by turnover to online traffic levels.

British Airways is the top dog online and in the real world (turnover £8,753m). Its website is the 139th favourite website in the UK.

easyJet is the third biggest airline (£1,797m) yet online claims second place, as the UK’s 149th most popular website.

TUI and Thomas Cook take third and fourth places online, pushing Virgin Atlantic into fifth as the UK’s 682nd favourite website.


The managing director of NetCallidus, Mark Furber, has been a professional search engine optimiser for 11 years, and said it was easy to see why performs well.

He said: “In a nutshell, traffic from search engines comes down to how many pages you have indexed, and how many quality links are pointing at those pages.

“The BA website has significantly more pages indexed in Google (147,000 in comparison to Virgin’s 3,240), which means it has a much higher chance of being found for different search terms typed in.

“The BA website also has a significantly higher number of inbound links found in the search engines (214,192 in comparison to Virgin’s 24,674), which are of a higher quality as well.”

The firm compared published turnover figures of the airlines to their three month UK performance on web stats website