Oz site targets young Brits

Travel agents with young Gap Year clients now have a new information tool at their fingertips, with the launch of a dedicated MySpace page aimed at enticing 18-30 year olds Brits to apply for Australia’s Working Holiday Visa.

Tourism Australia has teamed up with social networking site MySpace to create www.myspace.com/workinoz - a site providing interactive information on the Australian Working Holiday Visa and Australia as a premier tourist destination and the perfect place for a Gap Year.


Tourism Australia General Manager (UK and Europe), Rodney Harrex, said the new site would expand travel agents’ knowledge of the Australian visa, providing an array of information at the touch of a button and in an easy to understand way.



“Agents can either use the site for their own knowledge or direct clients to the site for them to explore the page for themselves.  It is a one stop shop of information which will help agents answer consumer queries,” he said.


The campaign is part of Tourism Australia’s ongoing work to target young British people to visit Australia on the Working Holiday programme.


A recent YouGov[1] survey indicated 60% of respondents were not aware that Brits aged 18-30 could work in Australia for up to 12 months on a Working Holiday Visa.


“The research shows awareness surrounding the Working Holiday Visa in the UK could be improved and with the help of UK travel agents, we can help sell Australia as the ideal destination for a Gap Year,” Rod continued.


Recently, the Australian Government changed the laws for working holiday makers, which allows Brits aged 18-30 to extend their visa for a second year if they have spent at least three months picking fruit or other seasonal work in regional areas.


“The YouGov survey indicated 92% of Brits aged 18-30 were not aware of this second visa scheme, which is another important part of our marketing campaign,” Rodney said.


The survey also indicated 38% of Brits aged 18-30 think the ideal time to take a gap year in Australia was immediately after university.


“Whether your young clients want to take a gap year to pull a beer in a pub or to further their careers in their chosen professions, Australia has a huge opportunity for young Brits to discover the destination under this scheme,” Rodney said.


The MySpace site will be launched with a competition whereby a lucky winner will have the chance to win return flights to Australia and a four week work placement in Broome, Western Australia at the exclusive Cable Club Beach Club Resort.  Agents can of course apply or encourage their clients to apply.


Tourism Western Australia Chairman, Kate Lamont said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Tourism Australia to highlight the opportunities the Working Holiday Visa offers young British people who want to live the Aussie lifestyle.”


“We extend a warm welcome to those on the Working Holiday visa which is a great way to immerse yourself in Western Australia while enjoying paid employment at some of tourism’s top establishments.”


“We look forward to meeting with the winner of the MySpace campaign and know they will fall in love with Broome and enjoy their work placement at the Cable Beach Club.”