SIA increases fuel surcharge

As a result of a sustained escalation in the price of jet fuel in recent months, Singapore Airlines will increase its fuel surcharge for tickets issued on or after 12 May 2008.The price of jet fuel has increased sharply in recent weeks, and is now over US$140 per barrel.
The new levels will apply to Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights as follows:
? On regional routes, US$35 (up from US$30) per sector, for flights between Singapore and ASEAN countries.
? US$150 (up from US$130) per sector, for flights between Singapore and gateways in the United States and Canada on a single-sector basis; and
? US$95 (up from US$80) per sector, on all other flights.
The new surcharge is subject to official approval in some markets, and some local variations may apply where regulatory approvals dictate.
The adjustments will offer only partial relief of higher operating costs arising from increases in the price of jet fuel.
Singapore Airlines will continue to monitor the price of jet fuel and keep the application of the fuel surcharge under active review.