Lufthansa wins Saudi Arabian deal

Lufthansa Systems will provide Saudi Arabian Airlines, the largest carrier in the Middle East, with a new IT system for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). Following its restructuring into nine independent subsidiaries, the airline is implementing a group-wide business process platform to guarantee efficient processes. As part of a consortium of leading IT providers, Lufthansa Systems will optimize the carrier’s aircraft maintenance processes with its proven MRO solution. Partners in the consortium include SAP, InfoTrust and Atos/Hewlett-Packard.

The SAP Enterprise Resource Planning platform (SAP ERP) will be the foundation of this new IT landscape. Since the MRO application from Lufthansa Systems is based on this platform, it is an ideal component of the overall solution. Lufthansa Systems also has extensive experience with implementing MRO solutions, and its MRO application is already being used by leading international airlines.


“We are pleased that this important customer has placed its trust in us. Our products and solutions have proven themselves with renowned airlines throughout the region. Now Saudi Arabian Airlines will benefit from the increased efficiency and optimized processes offered by our MRO solution,” said Matthias van Leeuwen, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA South at Lufthansa Systems.



The MRO solution helps airlines optimize their aircraft maintenance and repair processes. An efficient rotation planning system calculates the best time to take an aircraft out of service for maintenance. All maintenance activities and findings are documented in detail so that any necessary repairs can be carried out promptly. The system also provides a complete overview of current maintenance events and any steps which still need to be taken, and it shows when an aircraft can be put back into service based on its current maintenance status. This important data enables airlines to plan and carry out maintenance quickly, efficiently and without delay, allowing them to save money while maintaining complete control over all planned maintenance activities and deadlines.