Eos files for bankruptcy

  Eos has filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York.The company has ceased operations entirely after April 27, 2008.

The company released the following statement:

“The relationship we have is very special. You have shown a true appreciation for the commitment and service that defines Eos Class and it has always been our pleasure to deliver Eos Class service to you. The sense of camaraderie and level of engagement we’ve developed together transcends the traditional airline space.”

“This announcement is particularly regrettable since we have achieved so much, including having a term sheet in hand for additional financing. Clearly, even in today’s challenging economic and credit environment, investors believe in Eos. Unfortunately, some issues arose that prevented the parties from moving forward.”

“We sincerely apologize to those of you who have travel planned in the days ahead. Eos Guests should seek alternative arrangements for travel and should contact their credit card companies or travel agents directly for information about how to obtain a refund for unused tickets.”


“For our Club 48 members, unfortunately, in the face of this bankruptcy filing, you will no longer be able to redeem your points for rewards. Any value related to your membership will be determined by the court as part of the bankruptcy process.”